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Welcome! An introduction to my new world of copywriting, editing, proofreading and blogging!

Hello, world! I am a scientist turned copywriter, editor and proofreader. Having worked in a lab for a long time I have left that world behind. Although I am experienced in academic work and have a reasonable medical/biological vocabulary. I am also accustomed to various methods of academic referencing. I will happily try to proofread or write any piece of work if my experience is in any way appropriate to your needs.

Copywriting or copy editing

I have written original pieces of work aimed at science magazines, press releases, academic journals and also academic posters. Copywriting and editing is aimed at providing a polished piece of writing that communicates appropriately and clearly with the target audience. Communicating science in lay terms is definitely a skill! Good copy editing checks for tone, tense, readability and clarity. All of these can be hard to apply to any piece of work.

Technical work?

When I refer to technical copywriting I mean that I have an above-average scientific/medical vocabulary. I am also familiar with academic writing requirements such as referencing. I can copy write, copy edit or proofread any level of scientific text. Of course, it is extremely important for me to fully understand what I am writing or editing and this must be established before any work commences. This does not mean I only edit scientific work! If you have a brief in mind I can work with you to decide if I am the right person for your job.

Why hire a proofreader?

The more familiar you are with a piece of writing, the harder it gets to spot mistakes. Let's also face the fact that we must recognise that an error is present to edit correctly. Getting a second opinion is cheap, quick and easy. Whether you are still trying to get started or want a written piece polished, help is here!

In conclusion...

Please get in touch if you need help with any form of writing. Communication is essential to perfect any piece of work. I can work with you following whatever brief you need. If you need a new pair of eyes or more extensive help, contact me today, and I will provide a quote.

Please email me at or click the contact me form.


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